Packing up and moving you and your family in WA can be difficult enough without the added stress of unreliable and late removalists. When choosing an WA removalist, it is important to do some research and follow a few simple tips.

  • Rates and Fees

Check whether your WA removalist charges a fixed rate or an hourly rate and if they have a minimum time requirement. You should always get a quote before making any decisions. It is also important to ask about any additional costs you may incur.

  • Insurance

All good removalists will have a good insurance policy to ensure that if your belongings are damaged during the move, their insurance will cover any repairs or replacements.

  • Experience

When selecting a removalists it is important to choose experienced professionals who have positive references and feedback from previous customers. This is especially important when looking for an WA removalist to ensure a safe and successful move.

  • Additional Services

It is important to consider what else you might need to complete your move, so looking for an WA removalist with additional services is important. Do you need extra storage? Do you need house cleaning? And aside from moving your larger belongings, do they have boxes and packaging for your smaller goods?

  • Get Everything In Writing

Ensure you have the full terms and conditions before proceeding with any removal company. Make sure you have a written quotation and all details of the move are fully listed.

Whether searching for residential, commercial, local removalists following these tips will ensure you find a reliable, trustworthy and dependable removalist.

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