Interstate Removals

We understand the stress of packing up and moving your whole life interstate and here at Reliance Removals, we are your go to interstate removalists. We offer comprehensive interstate removal services to ensure we make the relocation process as efficient and fast for you as possible.

As with all of our removal services, when moving interstate we provide our clients with all removal and packing services whether it be simply furniture removal or the full packing service.

We offer the following services for interstate removals:

Packing: Certain items require a great deal of care, especially when being transported long distances. Our team at Reliance Removals can handle the packing of these delicate items and ensure your belongings arrive safely to their new interstate location.

Furniture Removal: When moving interstate, large furniture items can be difficult to move due to their size and awkward shapes. We can take care of the whole furniture removal process from dismantling to reassembly.

Unpacking: We understand that you are usually tired and exhausted after your move interstate, and unpacking can be a tedious process so we can help with unpacking your belongings once we have arrived at your location.

Storage: As you move interstate, you may find you do not need all of your belongings right away so we can provide you with secure facilities to store your belongings for the short or long term. Go to our additional services page to find out more.


Backloading is an inexpensive moving option where a truck that is returning from a moving trip empty can carry a load back to its starting point. If you choose to backload, you will only pay for the space that your belongings take up on a moving truck in one direction.

If you don’t mind your belongings being loaded into a truck with another customer’s,  backloading could be an option for you. If you would like a truck all to yourself, Reliance Removal’s full packing service is the better option.

This form of moving has become very sought after particularly in the case of interstate moves. The benefits of backloading are that it reduces your environmental impact and moving trucks are always available especially on short notice.

Backloading is a service that we offer at Reliance Removals, if this is something you are interested in, enquire here.